THE PRISMA-STROY renders services as a part of the professional and qualified experts on building area, carries out a full complex of building services, from the project to an actual embodiment of an architecturally-design plan. Experts of the company have wide experience of work. Execution of works is conducted on a high technological level with application of modern technologies; that provides high quality of works and full conformity to the Russian regulations. To quality of works the special attention is paid.
Principles of our company - conformity to the international standards, professionalism and efficiency. These qualities with success have finished some projects in the Russian Federation. We represent the stable and dynamically developing enterprise having developed structure, necessary for complex carrying out is repair-civil work from a stage of creation of the design-budget documentation before object delivery in operation with the subsequent guarantee support.

THE PRISMA-STROY carries out civil building , inhabited, public and industrial buildings, carrying out all complex of civil and erection works:
* Engineering and designing
- Works on designing of building, electric and engineering-mechanical works
* Building - Construction contract
- Excavations
- Monolithic ferro-concrete designs
- Installation of modular ferro-concrete designs
- Installation of metalic constructions
- General civil works
- Painting and decorating
*Engineering-Mechanical works
- HVAC systems
- Fire extinguishing system and equipment
- Sanitary equipment
- Water supply and water drain systems
- Automation of mechanical system
* Electroinstallation works
- Middle voltage system. Transformer substations.
- Low voltage system. Distribution network
- Fire alarm system and fire automation
- Security systems-
- Public address and notification
- TV System (SMATV and MATV)
- Phone system and network
- Building management system

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